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# It's important to be aware that there are three individuals known as the [[Ra'avad]]: R' Avraham ibn Daud of Spain, author of Sefer HaKabbalah; R' Avraham ben Yitzchak Av Beit Din of Narbonne, who wrote the Sefer HaEshkol; his son in law, and R' Avraham ben David of Posquières, author of the Hasagot on the [[Baal HaMaor]] and [[Rambam]], Baalei HaNefesh, and quoted extensively by Rishonim.<ref>See Shach Choshen Mishpat 39:2</ref>
=Rabbeinu Yonah=
# There were at least four Rabbeinu Yonahs:## R' Yonah Gerondi (HeChassid), whom we know as [[Rabbeinu Yonah]], cousin of the Ramban, and Rebbe of the Rashba. His grandson, son of his daughter and the [[Ramban]]'s son Shlomo, was named R' Yonah after him. He had grandson who was also named [[R' Yonah]], whose daughter married the [[Rashbetz]] and was thereby the grandfather of the [[Rashbash]].<ref>Shu"t HaRashbash Siman 291</ref>## R' Yonah שניין, a relative of the latter, who overlapped in his lifetime.<ref>Yad Malachi (Klalei Shear Mechabrim 14). See Shem HaGedolim, Gedolim, Yud 98)</ref>## R' Yonah author of the Sefer Issur veHetter and Talmid of the Terumat HaDeshen. Printers and Poskim mistakenly labeled his Sefer as a product of R' Yonah Gerondi, but it's clearly impossible.<ref>HaRav Hershel Schachter ([ Vayakhel-Pekudei 5778], Tetzaveh 5777), Rav Meir Mazuz ([ Ohr Torah Iyyar 5777 Siman 86])</ref>
=Rabbeinu Baruch=

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