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# Many poskim hold that one should eat bread and meat in the meal.<ref>
* Rambam [[Megillah]] 2:15 writes that the meal should consist of meat and wine. The Magen Avraham 696:15 questions the need for meat. Nonetheless, many poskim including Kaf HaChaim 695:6, Chazon Ovadyah pg 173, and Nitei Gavriel 71:3 agree that one should have meat. Shaar HaTziyun 695:12 implies it’s an obligation. Kovetz MeBet Levi (5758, vol 13, pg 32) writes that having meat is not MeAkev.
* The Birkei Yosef 695:1-3 and Magen Avraham 695:9 write that there’s no obligation to eat bread. However, Aruch HaShulchan 695:7, 12 argues that mishteh is defined by bread. Chayei Adam 155:30 says the same. Nitei Gavriel 71:1 and Yalkut Yosef 695:4 write that one should be strict to have bread. Or Letzion 4:60:2 agrees that essentially one doesn't need bread but one should be strict to have it. Mishna Brurah makes no mention of it except in Shaar HaTziyun 695:4 where he leaves it as a dispute. </ref> 
==If one forgot Al HaNissim==
# If one forgot Al HaNissim in [[Benching]], one doesn’t repeat [[benching]]. However, if one remembers that he forgot Al HaNissim while still [[benching]] one should add it in the Harachaman’s by saying Harachaman Hu Yaaseh Lanu Nissim and continue with Al HaNissim. <Ref>Mishna Brurah 695:15 </ref>

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