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# It is permitted to correct a Baal Koreh in the pronunciation of Hashem's name so that the Baal Koreh can repeat it and it isn't considered Hashem's name in vain.<ref>Olot Yitzchak 2:74</ref>
==Using Hashem's Name for Zemirot==
# It is permitted to say Hashem's name when singing Zemirot.<ref>Rav Moshe Feinstein (quoted by Rabbi Tendler in Moreshet Moshe v. 2 p. 53) held that it is permitted to say Hashem’s name in Shabbos zemirot but if Hashem’s name is repeated the real name should only be said the first time. Olot Yitzchak 2:74 concludes that it is permitted to say Hashem's name as one is singing Zemirot if one does so in a respectful manner with fear of heaven.</ref>Olot Yitzchak 2:74Some have the practice not to say Hashem's real name when singing zemiros and simply say Hashem. <ref>Rav Moshe Soloveitchik (cited in Nefesh Harav pg. 160) </ref> 
==Starting a Sentence with Hashem's Name==
# According to the strict law it is permitted to start a sentence with Hashem's name as some have the practice to do in greeting someone with Elokim Yehey Imach or comforting a mourner with Elokim Yinachem Etchem. Yet some are strict to avoid this. <ref>

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