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* Symmetrical: Tiferet Yisrael (Yachin Sukkah 3:6) writes that ideally, the pitom should be lined up with the oketz. [[Kashrut]] Arbaat Haminim (p. 8) agrees. Arbaat Haminim Lamehadrin (p. 177) cites Rav Nissim Karelitz, who says that this criterion is met if the pitom and oketz are approximately lined up.
* Aesthetic beauty: Chazon Ovadia (p. 278) quotes the Maamar Mordechai, who asserts that besides for the properties that Chazal specified, the beauty of an etrog depends on the subjective view of the individual. Accordingly, Rabbi Mordechai Willig (quoted by Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg [ “A Practical Guide to Purchasing Daled Minim”] min. 44-6) would ask his wife to pick the nicest-looking etrog from amongst the valid etrogim.</ref>
===Placing the Etrog in Wool===
# Some hold that it is permitted to place an etrog on top of a tallit even if they will make the tallit smell nice if one doesn’t intend for that result, while others hold it is forbidden. However, putting the etrog back into the wool it was in before hand is permitted since that wool already smelled nice.<ref>The Maharil (Etrog no. 15) held that it is forbidden to place an etrog on top of a clothing on Yom Tov since it will create a nice smell in the clothing which is molid. He explained though that it is permitted to put the etrog back into a cloth or wool that it was sitting in before Yom Tov since it already smelled nice beforehand. The Magen Avraham 511:11, Mishna Brurah 511:26, and Aruch Hashulchan 511:12 quote the second halacha. The Maharshal (Yam Shel Shlomo Beitzah 2:34) argues that there's no prohibition of molid in clothing if one's intention isn't to create the smell. A pesik reisha is only forbidden for a melacha but not for molid. The Ginat Veradim OC 3:16 agrees.</ref>
==Grafted Etrog==
# A grafted Etrog is pasul whether it was grafted with lemon, promerance, or any other fruit. <Ref>The overwhelming consensus of Achronim hold that a grafted Etrog is unfit all days of [[Sukkot]] and one may not make a Bracha on it. These Achronim include Magen Avraham 648:23, Taz 648:3, S”A HaRav 648:31, Mishna Brurah 648:65, Chazon Ovadyah [[Sukkot]] (pg 223).</ref>

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