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# If someone makes havdalah over wine before melava malka and is going to drink more wine during the meal he doesn't need to make a bracha achrona.<ref>Shulchan Aruch 174:4</ref> If someone isn't going to drink more wine during the meal he should recite a bracha achrona.<reF>Shulchan Aruch 299:8</ref>
# If a person drinks wine before a meal one should not make a Al Hagefen afterwards. However, because there is a dispute whether the wine is exempted by the [[Birkat HaMazon]] it is proper to avoid this situation by either by drinking a melo lugmav and not a [[reviyit]], having intent when saying [[Birkat HaMazon]] that it should cover the wine, or have intent that one's Hagefen upon the wine before the meal should exempt the wine that one drinks in the middle of the middle as long as one does have wine in middle of the meal. <Ref>Vezot HaBracha (chap 9, p. 84) writes that because drinking wine before a meal involves a dispute one shouldn't make a brahca achrona. However, he quotes three advises from the poskim to avoid this situation. The first is to drink less than a [[reviyit]] in order not to become obligated in a bracha achrona. The next is to have in mind when making the [[Birkat HaMazon]] that it should exempt the wine one drank before the meal. Lastly, he advises that if one will drink wine in the middle of the meal that one has intent that the hagefen before the meal will exempt the wine in the meal. </ref>
# Regarding [[Kiddush]], according to Ashkenazim it's preferable to drink a Melo Lugmav and not a [[Reviyit]].<ref>Beiur Halacha 174:6 s.v. Vechen, Vezot HaBracha (chap 8, p 84)</ref> According to Sephardim, it's preferable to drink a [[Reviyit]] and have intent that the [[Birkat HaMazon]] should exempt the wine.<ref>Or Letzion (vol 2, 20:22)</ref>

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