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* However, the Nishmat Avraham argues that maybe the baal hameor only said it about wine since birkat hamazon could cover al ha’gefen but not for shehakol. The Shulchan Aruch Harav and Mishna Brurah argue on the Magen Avraham and say for drinks before the meal that you’re going to continue to have in the meal you should make a bracha achrona before the meal. The Chachmat Adam writes a safek whether we hold like the Magen Avraham. Rav Ovadia accepted this Magen Avraham at least for a safek brachot, but the Ish Matzliach on Mishna Brurah argues with Rav Ovadia since we pasken like the rosh in pesachim and so it only helps to have wine which increases your appetite but not other foods.
==Connection to the Meal by Whetting one's Appetite==
* The Rosh (Pesachim 10:24) writes that the reason that there's no bracha achrona on the first two cups of wine at the seder is because they are like appetizers which whet one's appetite for the meal. This is accepted in Shulchan Aruch 174:6, Magen Avraham 174:9 and 299:11, and Mishna Brurah 174:24. However, the Rashba (Brachot 41b) explicitly disagrees with this factor and concludes that foods that whet an appetite do require a bracha achrona before the meal. Aruch Hashulchan 176:8 writes that any food which whets the appetite doesn't require a bracha achrona and tries to argue that the Rashba also agrees with this approach.

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