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* However, the Baal Hameor suggests that there is a major exception to this rule. Anything which requires a mein shalosh should be exempted with the birkat hamazon and as such does not require a bracha achrona before the meal. The Raavad, Ramban, and Ran explicitly disagree with such an idea and prove from Brachot 41b that it is indeed incorrect. As is evident from the discussion of the Baal Hameor himself the Rif disagrees with his idea as well.
* However, the Rashba (Teshuva 1:72) agrees with the Baal Hameor but limits it to wine and dates. He writes that wine and dates are filling foods (Brachot 13a, 35b). However, for everything else that requires a mein shalosh the birkat hamazon will not cover it as the Ramban proved.
==Boreh Nefashot==
* Interestingly, the Ritva (Brachot 3:3-5) holds that a food which only required a boreh nefashot before the meal doesn't require any bracha achrona and birkat hamazon exempts it. The Mosad Rav Kook footnotes 3:5:6 explains from the Shitat Alshevili that since boreh nefashot itself isn't such a significant bracha birkat hamazon covers it even though it wasn't connected to the meal. However, see Mishna Brurah 176:2:2 as this opinion is not accepted as the halacha.
==Connection to the Meal by Exempting Other Foods==
* Tosfot (Pesachim 100b s.v. yedey) writes explicitly that wine coming to exempt other wine in the meal doesn't require a bracha achrona. The Magen Avraham 299:11, Pri Megadim E"A 299:11, and Mishna Brurah 299:27 explain this concept simply. Since the wine before the meal exempts the wine during the meal and the wine during the meal is exempted from a bracha achrona as it is covered by the birkat hamazon, the wine before the meal is also exempted by the birkat hamazon and considered one long drinking. This approach is similarly adopted by the Tosfot (Brachot 41b), Rosh (Pesachim 10:4), Tur 299:8, Baal Hameor (Pesachim 24b), and Gra 299:8 and codified by the Shulchan Aruch 299:8.

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