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# If a congregation mistakenly said after tachanun kaddish titkabel they should say after ashrei and uva letzion the kaddish titkabel.<ref>Rav Shlomo Mazuz in Simchat Cohen OC 28, Yalkut Yosef (Tefillah v. 2 132:8). Yalkut Yosef explains that it makes sense to say titkabel again after uva letzion since the uva letzion includes kedusha and several tefillot. This is connected to the opinion of the Eliyah Rabba 693:5.</ref>
# If a congregation on Motzei Shabbat recited kaddish titkabel after Shemona Esrei and then said [[Uva Letzion]] they should only say half kaddish afterwards.<ref>Mishneh Halachot 6:16 writes that in this case only a half kaddish should be recited since titkabel is specifically for shemona esrei. His proof is the Levush 55:1 who writes that kaddish titkabel was instituted specifically to be said after shemona esrei. His only limitation of the Levush is selichot where we say titkabel at the end even though there was no shemona esrei. [ Rav Yitzchak Mazuz] writes that this depends on the dispute in Mishna Brurah 693:1.</ref>
# If a congregation forgot to say kaddish titkabel after uva letzion they should still say it after shir shel yom or aleinu.<ref>Otzar Halachot p. 75 quoting Ishei Yisrael 26:11</ref>
# On Purim night there are three opinions about how to arrange the kaddishim: Some say that after shemona esrei a full kaddish with titkabel is said and after uva letzion a full kaddish without titkabel is said. Ashkenazim follow this opinion. Some say that both should be kaddish with titkabel. Lastly, some say that the first one is a half kaddish and second is kaddish with titkabel. Sephardim follow this opinion.<ref>
* On Purim night the Magen Avraham (Introduction to 693) writes that they should say kaddish titkabel after shemona esrei and then full kaddish without titkabel (yehey shlamah) after the megillah and uva letzion. Eliya Rabba 693:5 argues that they should say kaddish titkabel after shemona esrei and again after the megillah and uva letzion because the uva letzion includes several tefillot. Mishna Brurah 693:1 quotes both opinions. The Piskei Teshuvot 693:1 writes that the Ashkenazic minhag is like the Magen Avraham.

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