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# Many poskim rule that granola (made from toasted grain) is HaAdama (regarding [[Bracha Achrona]] [[#Bracha Achrona|see above]])<Ref>Veten Bracha (Halachos of Brochos by Rabbi Bodner chapter 4, pg 67 and chapter 27, pg 505) quotes Rav Shlomo Zalman, and Vezot HaBracha (chap 12, pg 103) quotes Rav Elyashiv saying that granola is HaAdama because it’s considered a roasted grain. [ Rav Hershel Schachter in a shiur on] explained that it is Haadama since it is mostly from oats or it is the primary ingredient and since it isn't cooked regularly it is considered like raw grain.</ref> while others consider it to be mezonot.<ref>[ Rabbi Heber from star-K] in explaining the opinion of Rav Heinemann</ref> Some say that if the particles adhere together the Bracha is [[Mezonot]], and if they do not the Bracha is HaAdama. <Ref>Laws of [[Brachos]] (Rabbi Forst, pg 369) </ref>
# According to Sephardim the bracha on granola is haadama.<ref>Chazon Ovadia (Brachot p. 183) wrote that puffed wheat is haadama based on the ruling of Rav Shlomo Zalman and Rav Elyashiv (as cited in Vezot Habracha p. 105). Additionally, Rav Moshe in Igrot Moshe OC 4:44 writes that since the grain went through some process of cooking but not completely it retains its status as haadama. Vezot Habracha (p. 105) quotes Rav Elyashiv and Rav Sheinberg as saying that the bracha on granola is the same as puffed wheat since it is a similar process of a semi-cooking. Granola is rolled oats which are dehusked, steamed, and roasted when rolled thin. Yalkut Yosef (English Brachot p. 194) writes that granola which was steamed (which is the common case) is haadama, though there is no bracha achrona. Rav Avraham Yosef on [] and Rav Yakov Sasson on [] write that granola is haadama. See Sh"t Rishon Ltzion 2:20 who discusses granola which is mezonot. There is referring to cooked oats as is evident in the English Yalkut Yosef.</ref>
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