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*Yalkut Yosef [[shabbat]] 1 page 414 allows one to start until thirteen and a half minutes after sunset. </ref>
# If one began eating before sunset he may continue after. <ref> Shulchan Aruch 299:1, Aruch Hashulchan 299:3. Mishna Brurah 291:2 says that having said the beracha is enough of a start to your meal to allow one to continue afterwards. He also quotes an opinion that this only applies during bein hashemashot but after [[Tzet HaKochavim]] one would not be allowed to continue. Rama says that the minhag is not so, rather one can continue even after [[Tzet HaKochavim]], and the aruch hashulchan 299:4 says that is the minhag. </ref> However, this doesn't apply if one was only drinking not as part of a meal <ref> Shulchan Aruch 299:1 </ref> or to eating only [[mezonot]] or fruit, so one must stop if that is all that he is having. <ref> Aruch Hashulchan 299:5 </ref>
# Anybody who forgot to start their Seudah within 12 twelve minutes after sunset is not allowed to fulfill the obligation.
==Birkat Hamazon==


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