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# There’s a dispute in the Rishonim whether the [[Kezayit]] (olive size) is a half or third of a [[KeBaytzah]] (egg size), and regarding [[Bracha Achrona]] and Deoritta Mitzvot, the halacha follows the opinion that a [[Kezayit]] is half a KeBeytzah. <Ref>
* Mishna Brurah 486:1 writes that the Tosfot holds a [[Kezayit]] is half of a KeBeitzah with the shell and the Rambam holds it is a third of a KeBeitzah (see Tosfot (Yoma 80b s.v. Agav), Rambam (Eiruvin 1:9)). S”A 486 rules like Tosfot. Rav Avraham Chaim Noeh (Shiurei Torah 3:12) argues that Tosfot holds half a KeBeitzah without the shell.
* What's the halacha? Mishna Brurah 486:1 rules that for Deoritta Mitzvot and [[Bracha Achrona]], one should eat the size of half a KeBeitzah, but for Derabbanan Mitzvot, one third suffices. He adds that since one has to make a Bracha on [[maror]], one should eat half a KeBeitzah. * Chazon Ish 39:17 decided that we could be lenient like the Rambam. see below for an exact amount according to Chazon Ish </ref>
# According to Rav Chaim Noeh, the [[Kezayit]] for Deoritta measures (eating [[Matzah]]) and [[Bracha Achrona]] is 27cc. The Chazon Ish’s opinion is that the [[Kezayit]] is 33.3 grams (1.3 oz). <ref>
* The Tzlach (Pesachim 116b) holds that the modern day eggs are half the size of those in the days of Chazal. However, Rav Noeh (Shiurei Torah Shaar 3) argues that the modern day eggs have not changed from the days of Chazal. Mishna Brurah 486:1 writes that for the mitzvah deoraitta of [[matza]], one should follow the stringent view of the Tzlach. see Rav Shlomo Wahrman (Orot Haesach 28) who explains why there is no need to say that the eggs have shrunk since the times of the Gemara. see also Maaseh Rav 74, where it says that the Gra accepted the position of the Tzlach.
**(2) Rav Chaim Kanievsky in Shiurin Shel Torah (p. 66) quotes the Chazon Ish that a [[Kezayit]] is 2/3 of a modern egg and an egg can possibly be up to 55cc. Therefore, Vezot HaBracha (Birur Halacha 1) writes that the Chazon Ish holds that 33.3cc is a [[Kezayit]]. The Chazon Ish's opinion of [[Kezayit]] is partially based on the opinion of the Tzlach. see also Chazon Ish in Hilchot [[Shabbat]] 39.
**(3) Vezot HaBracha (Birur Halacha 1) quotes Haggadat Kol Dodi which quotes Rav Moshe Feinstein as saying that a [[Kezayit]] is 31.2cc. [However, Rabbi Bodner in Halachos of K’zayis (p. 24) writes that Rav Dovid Feinstein told him that Rav Moshe never measured the eggs himself and it was his student who calculated 1.1oz, but that if his calculations were more precise he should use those. Therefore, Rabbi Bodner rules, based on his own calculations, that a [[Kezayit]] is 27.2cc.]</ref>
**(4) Rav Mordechai Willig ([ Pesach To-Go, Nisan 5771], p. 60) is of the opinion that the size in volume of a kezayis is 22.5 cubic centimeters
## The minhag of the world and many other authorities is to follow Rav Chaim Noeh’s opinion. <Ref> Vezot HaBracha (pg 6, Birur 1, pg 221) quotes Rav Elyashiv and Rav Shlomo Zalman saying that for [[Bracha Achrona]] the widely accepted measurement of the [[Kezayit]] is according to Rav Chaim Noeh. Vezot HaBracha also mentions that such is the minhag of the world. </ref>
# If one ate between a third and a half a [[KeBaytzah]] one should not make a Bracha achrona because of safek [[Brachot]]. Therefore, one should have less than a third and not make a Bracha achrona or more than a half and make a Bracha achrona. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 486:1 </ref>
# On Mitzvot Deoritta such as eating [[Matzah]] one must be strict to hold a [[Kezayit]] is a half a [[KeBaytzah]]. However, regarding מצות Derabbanan it’s preferable to hold that a [[Kezayit]] is a half a kebaytzah, however, one may rely on the opinion that a [[Kezayit]] is a third a kebaytzah. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 486:1 </ref>
# One needs to make sure that he does not count air in the food as part of the shiur of kezayis. If one has a food that is hollow, a kezayis of that food is considered when the food would be pressed.<ref> Rama 486:1 </ref>
==Kedi Achilat Pras==

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