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===Permissible knots===
# A knot which is both non-professional and meant to be undone within 24 hours may be tied. <Ref> The Rama 317:1 quoting Tur and Mordechai; Mishna Brurah (317:6) explains it as anything less than 24 hours. </ref> Some Sephardic authorities permit a non-professional knot which is meant to last less than 7 days. <Ref> Rama also quotes Kol Bo and Hagahot Maymoniyot. Chazon Ovadia [[Shabbat]] Part 5 page 47 and Yalkut Yosef (317:6) writes that Sephardim hold like this opinion. </ref>
# Even if you personally intend to leave it less than 24 hours, if it’s a knot sometimes left permanently by people it’s forbidden Rabbinically to prevent confusion between temporary and permanent knots. <Ref> Magan Magen Avraham (317:20), Kol Sinai (Koshair #3) </ref>

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