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# Some have Minhag not to dip any foods during Shulchan Orech so as not to dip more than two foods at the [[Seder]] ([[Karpas]] and [[Maror]]).<ref>Rama 476:2, Nitei Gavriel (vol 2, 95:14). Mishna Berura 476:14 quotes the Taz 475:6 that dipping [[korech]] in charoset doesn’t count as an added dipping because it is just because of a safek and is counted with the dipping of [[maror]] </ref>
# It is permitted to drink wine during Shulchan Orech.<ref>S"A Shulchan Aruch 473:3, Mishna Berura 473:12 </ref>
===Avoiding Roasted Foods at the [[Seder]]===
# The Minhag is not to eat roasted meat at the [[Seder]]. <Ref>Chazon Ovadyah (vol 2, p. 103)</ref>

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