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# The rules of untying are parallel to the rules for tying. Thus, any not that is permitted to tie is also permitted to untie.<ref> Mishna 111b, Rambam Shabbos 10:7, Rama 317:1, Mishna Brura 317:7, Chazon Ovadia (Shabbat vol. 5, p. 47).</ref>
# According to some opinions, matir only applies if you are untying with intention to re-tie a better knot.<ref> Tosfos Shabbos 73a “Hakoshair”, Biur Halacha 317:1 “‘Dino’”. See 39 Melochos v. 3, p. 786, fn. 2. </ref> Others disagree.<ref> Rashi (74b “Shari”), see 39 Melochos, pg. 805.</ref>
# If someone attempted to tie a slipknot but then they made it into a real knot by accident, they may untie the knot because the intent from the beginning was to untie it. <ref> Sh"t Rivivot Ephraim 1:222:17 </ref>
== A bow==

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