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# Ideally, one should avoid reciting any brachot when one is drunk to the extent that he would be incapable of speaking in front of a king.<ref>M.B. 99:11 quoting the Gra</ref> Strictly speaking however, one make recite all brachot<ref>Rama 99:1</ref> (including Birkat Hamazon)<ref>M.B 99:9</ref> as long as one is not drunk to the level of Lot's drunkeness.<ref>M.B. 99:11 quoting the Mishbitzot Zahav</ref>
# Once one is drunk to the extent that he can no longer speak in front of a king he also cannot be counted for a minyan (although for a [[zimmun]] it is possible that this is permitted).<ref>M.B. 99:10</ref>
# One need not do perfrom any test in order to determine if he is sober enough to daven; rather, each individual is trusted to make this determination independently.<ref>S.A. 99:3</ref>

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