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# It is permitted for the elderly and and sick to sit between Hakafot but they should stand during the Hakafot and when the Sifrei Torha are being returned to the Heichal. Healthy people should stand during the entire duration of Hakafot until the Sifrei Torah are returned to the Heichal. <ref>Chazon Ovadya p. 465</ref>
# On Simchat Torah, it is permitted to move a Torah for the purpose of dancing or reading it somewhere else.<ref>Nitei Gavriel ([[Sukkot]] 94:1), Chazon Ovadya p. 460</ref>
Regarding the laws of davening and reciting brachot after drinking wine and other intoxicating beverages see [[Seudat Purim]] under the section titled Avoiding Davening and Brachot After DrinkingIntoxicating Beverages]].
==Nighttime meal==

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