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# Women are not required to drink as much. One cup or less is sufficient. <ref> Sh"t Rivevot Ephraim 1:458, Moadim Uzmanim 2:190 </ref>
# If one damages property as a result of celebrating [[purim]], one is exempt from paying for the damages. <ref> Rama 695:2 </ref>
==Avoiding Davening or and Brachot After Drinking==
# One who is not in a state that is fitting to speak before a king is forbidden to daven [[Shemone Esrei]]<ref>S.A 99:1</ref> or recite the [[Shema]] and its accompanying blessings.<ref>Rama 99:1 and M.B. 99:7</ref> If one prays in such a condition his prayer is considered an abomination and he must repeat Shemone Esrei and Shema<ref>M.B. 99:8</ref> (all 3 paragraphs) once he is sober.<ref> S.A 99:1 M.B. 99:5 writes that if he davens Shemona Esrei then it is as if he has worshiped idols. Contrastingly, if he avoids davening then he will be saved from all distress.</ref>
# One who is truly unfit to speak before a king must delay davening even if this means that he will miss the time to daven altogether. In such a scenario, he may pray a make up tefilla ([[tashlumin]]). <ref>S.A. 99:1</ref> Nonetheless, one must not be overly stringent about this considering the fact that, today, our kavana during davening is not so great even when we are not drunk.<ref>M.B. 99:3 quoting the Yam Shel Shlomo</ref>

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