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# Mefarek is a [[Toldah]] of Dosh. <ref>Rashi [[Shabbat]] 73b and Rambam ([[Shabbat]] 8:7 and 21:12) write that Mefarek is a [[Toldah]] of Dosh. <br />
One major difference between Mefareik and its Av is that Dosh is the removal of ochel from p’soles, something unwanted, which is not the case with squeezing juice from fruit. In order to maintain the comparison, the squeezing of the juice must be viewed as squeezing liquid from food. Therefore, the Gemara (144b) rules that squeezing juice directly into food (not drink) is permitted since then it is viewed as removing food from food and is not similar to Dosh where the extract is different than what it is removed from.<br />The Mishna Berura (Sha’ar Ha’tziun Siman 320, no. 23) quotes a machlokes Rishonim regarding squeezing into a plate with the intention of subsequently pouring it into food. The Chazon Ish (O”C 55:6) rules that it is only permitted if it is direct and such is the opinion of Shmiras Shabbos k’Hilchisa (chap. 5, seif 45). See, however, Biur Halacha 320:1 s.v. muter </ref>
# Mefarek includes [[squeezing]] juice from fruit ([[Sechitah]]) or liquid from a cloth. <ref>Rambam ([[Shabbat]] 8:10 and 21:12) writes that [[squeezing]] fruit ([[Sechitah]]) is a violation of Mefarek. 39 Melachos (Dosh note 113) quotes Tosfot Ketubot 6a s.v. Hay who holds that [[squeezing]] a liquid from a cloth is also considered Mefarek. </ref>
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