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# [[Dash]] includes removing any earth-grown food from its natural shell or attachment.<ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 2, pg 317) based on the explanation of Rabbeinu Chananel (Shabbos 74a).
<br /> The Gemara Shabbos (75a) records a dispute between Rebbi Yehuda and the Chachamim whether the Melacha of Dosh only applies to giduley karka, meaning things that grow in the ground. The Rambam (hilchos Shabbos 8:7) rules like the Chachamim that mi’d’oraisa it only applies to giduley karka, and this is the opinion of most of the Rishonim. </ref>
# There is a dispute amongst the Rishonim whether Dosh is only violated by removing something that is covered by its encasing, as was the case in the mishkan, or that any detachment from something unwanted would be a violation of Dosh.<ref> This dispute is quoted in Eglei Tal (Dosh #2:3). It is based on the machlokes between Rashi (73b s.v. mefareik) and Tosfos (73b s.v. v’achas) about how to explain why the Gemara says that one would be in violation of a toldah of Dosh when knocking off a tree.* Seemingly, this question is relevant to whether it is permitted to detach grapes from their vine, and, thus, the Achronim wonder why it is that the Ramo (siman 336:8) rules without question that it is permitted to remove a fruit from a branch that was detached before Shabbos. * The Pri Megadim (introduction to siman 320) explains that the Ramo concludes like those Rishonim who assume Dosh is only violated when it entails removing something usable from a covered p’soles. * However, many Achronim are weary of taking this approach. As an alternative, the Eglei Tal (Dosh #11) says that Dosh does not apply when the detachment is being done for immediate use, as threshing is done as a preparation for further processing. A similar approach is taken by Rav Moshe Feinstein (Igros Moshe O”C vol. 1, siman 125) to explain why the removal of a shell from a nut or a peel from garlic is only a question of Borer and not Dosh. * Another explanation is offered by the Shvisas HaShabbos (Introduction to Meleches Dosh, no. 4) quoting the Shem Chodosh who argues that Dosh is only violated when the ochel is extracted by putting pressure on the entire item, which was the way it was done in the Mishkan. * Rav Mordechai Willig (Am Mordechai Shabbos siman 21) suggests a fourth approach based on the Aruch Hashulchan (319:20) that Dosh is only violated when working on many items at the same time. Rav Willig notes that according to this explanation one would have to be careful not to pick many grapes at once. </ref>
==In the Mishkan==
# According to most Rishonim, the melacha of Dosh was done in the Mishkan by threshing the seeds from their shells so that they could be used for the dyes.<ref> 39 Melachos, vol. 2, pg. 315. The Eglei Tal (Introduction #1) quotes the opinion of some Rishonim who maintained that Dosh was done in preparation for the bread that was needed in the Mishkan, in which the case the melacha was removing the grain kernels from their chaff and stalk (39 Melachos, vol. 2, pg. 315). </ref>

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