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At the age of thirteen years old, a boy becomes obligated in performing mitzvot. <ref> Pirkei Avot 5:25 </ref>
# According to the majority of poskim , a boy is becomes bar mitzvah'ed from [[Tzet HaKochavim]] of the day he was born 13 years prior , and he doesn't need to wait until not at the time of the day when he was born.<Ref>Sefer [[Chinuch]] Yisrael (v. 2, p. 705). See further in the Bach O.C. 14, Magen Avraham 14, Shach, Sma, and Tumim C.M. 35. </ref> 
==Baruch Shepatrani==
# Upon the Bar Mitzvah of one’s son’s, the father should make the Bracha of Barach ShePotrani MeOnsho Shel Zeh, that he is no longer responsible for his child's deeds, without [[Shem UMalchut]]. <Ref>Rama 225:2, Mishna Brurah 225:8, BeYitzchak Yikrah 225:2 in name of Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, and Piksei Teshuvot 225:5 conclude that one should make the Bracha without a [[Shem UMalchut]]. </ref> This beracha is typically recited when the son is called to the torah for the first time after concluding the beracha of his aliya. <ref> Kitzur S"A 61:8. </ref>

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