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# If one went to sleep (or stayed up) in [[Tzitzit]], preferably one should make a Bracha on wearing a [[talit]] to cover the Bracha for [[Tzitzit]], however if that’s not possible, one may make a Bracha on those [[Tzitzit]] in the morning, and as one makes the bracha one should shake the [[Tzitzit]] strings. <Ref> S”A 8:16 rules that if one slept in [[Tzitzit]] one may make a new Bracha on it in the morning and at the time of the Bracha one should shake the [[Tzitzit]] strings. Mishna Brurah 8:42 explains that really this issue depends on whether there’s a mitzvah of [[Tzitzit]] at night and so it’s preferable to make the Bracha on a [[talit]] and cover the Bracha for [[Tzitzit]]. Piskei Teshuvot 8:30 adds that someone who that option is unavailable, such as bochrim who don’t wear talitim, should make the Bracha oneself like S”A. </ref>
===Brachot HaTorah===
# For ashkenazim, if one didn’t sleep at all during the night, one shouldn’t recite Brachat [[Brachot HaTorah ]] but should hear them from someone who is obligated to make them (both must have kavana, and after the Bracha, both learn some pesukim such as Parshat [[Birkat Cohanim]]). <Ref> Mishna Brurah 47:28 </ref> For sephardim, the minhag is to recite these [[berachot]] even if you remained awake all night. <ref> Yabia Omer 5:5, Yechave Daat 3:33. </ref>
# One should not say birkot hatorah until after alot hashachar. <ref> Yalkut Yosef Chelek 1 page 137. </ref>
# If one slept Shinat Kevah the day before staying up all night, one should make the [[Brachot hatorahHaTorah]] in the morning after one didn’t sleep. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 47:28 in name of Rabbi Akvia Eiger </ref> 
===Brachot HaShachar===
# If one didn’t sleep at all, according to Ashkenazim, one should listen to Elokei Nishama and HaMaavir Shenah from someone who did sleep. <Ref> Mishna Brurah 46:24 </ref> However, the rest of the [[Brachot HaShachar]] one can make oneself. <Ref> Piskei Teshuvot 494:7 </ref> However, according to Sephardim, one may recite these [[brachot]] oneself.<reF>Yalkut Yosef 489:13</ref>

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