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added introduction
There are many different measurements used in the Torah and classical Rabbinic Seforim, which are important for daily living. An example is the specific amount of wine that Kiddush is made on: One [[Revi'it]]. If one doesn't know how much a [[Revi'it]] is, how can one fulfill the Mitzvah properly?
The modern day equivalents for many Hebrew measurements are discussed below.
In addition, discussed below are many Halachic times which also matter for everyday use.
# According to Ashkenazim, all sizes are measured in volume and not weight.<Ref> Mishna Brurah 456:3, Vezot HaBracha (pg 6) </ref> However, according to Sephardim the actual halacha is that measures are in volume but the minhag is to follow the measures in weight. <ref>See Yalkut Yosef (Klalei [[Brachot]] pg 195-202) discusses this at length. </ref>

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