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==Who’s obligated to wear a Kippah?==
# Children also should wear a Kippah to inspire Yirat Shamayim. <Ref> Magan Avraham 2:6 proves from the Gemara that a child doesn’t need a Kippah but it’s correct for them to have a Kippah to inspire Yirat Shamayim. Eliyah Rabba 2:4, Shulchan Aruch HaRav 2:7, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 3:6, Mishna Brurah 2:11, Artzot HaChaim 6, and Halacha Brurah 2:19 concur. </ref> It is forbidden for even a small boy to recite any [[prayers]] or [[blessings]] if his head is uncovered. <ref> Children in Halacha pg. 14 </ref>
# The minhag is that unmarried women don't cover their heads, yet, it’s correct for them to wear a head covering during [[Shemoneh Esrei]]. Those who don’t wear a covering at all have what to rely on. <Ref> Yalkut Yosef (91:8, Tefilah pg 318, Sherit Yosef 2 pg 368), Sh”t Otzrot Yosef 1:5, Tzitz Eliezer 12:13, [[Tefilla]] KeHilchata quoting Echad MeGedolei HaDor </ref>
==Wearing a Kippah in a place not suitable for a religious Jew==

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