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[[Birkat HaMazon]] is a special prayer said after eating a meal with bread, thanking God for the food He has given us, as well as beseeching Him to keep providing for us, among other [[Tefillah|Tefillot]]. It contains several blessings, composed by numerous people, including Moshe Rabbeinu, Yehoshua, King David, and Rabban Gamliel. Special insertions are made for the [[Yom tov|Yamim Tovim]], [[Shabbat]], [[Chanukah]], and [[Purim]].
==Interruptions in Birkat HaMazon==
# One shouldn’t interrupt Birkat HaMazon at all to answer or greet someone. <Ref>S”A 183:8 writes that some say that in regards to greeting or answering someone Birkat HaMazon is judged like [[Shemona Esreh]] when one doesn't interrupt to answer anyone. Halacha Brurah 183:28 writes that this opinion quoted in Shulchan Aruch is accepted as halachaHalacha. The Mishna Brurah Berurah 183:1 explains that Birkat HaMazon is similar to [[Shemona Esreh]] in that it may only be said in one place and not while one is moving. </ref>
# According to Ashkenazim, one should finish before the mezamen (the one who lead the [[Zimmun]]) finishes each Bracha so that one can answer [[Amen]] to his Bracha, however, the Sephardic minhag is not to answer [[Amen]] during Birkat HaMazon.<ref>Halacha Brurah 183:27</ref>
# One shouldn't interrupt in the first three [[Brachot]] of Birkat HaMazon to answer [[Kaddish]], [[Kedusha]], or [[Barchu]], however, in the middle of the fourth Bracha one may answer [[Kaddish]] or [[Kedusha]] as long as one already said Baruch Atta Hashem Elokenu Melech HaOlam and part of the middle of the Bracha. <ref>Yabia Omer 1:11, Yalkut Yosef 183:5</ref>

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