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[[Hachana]] is the prohibition of preparing from one [[Shabbat]] or [[Yom Tov]] to a weekday or to another [[Shabbat]] or [[Yom Tov]].
# One may not prepare from [[Shabbat]] or [[Yom Tov]] to for a weekday, a [[Yom Tov]] to for [[Chol HaMoed]], a [[Yom Tov]] to for [[Shabbat]], a [[Shabbat]] to for [[Yom Tov]], from one day of [[Yom Tov]] for the [[second day of Yom Tov]], from the first day of [[Rosh Hashana]] to the second day of [[Rosh Hashana]], or from one [[Shabbat]] to for another [[Shabbat]]. <ref>Kitzur S"A 101:1, Shemirat [[Shabbat]] KeHilchata 28:69.
* The Mishnah ([[Shabbat]] 113a) writes that one may fold clothing on [[Shabbat]]. Rashi (s.v. Afilu) limits this to where one is folding the clothes in order to wear them again that day. Tosfot (s.v. Mekaplin) infers that it would be forbidden to fold clothing that would be needed only after [[Shabbat]]. This is codified by the Rif 41b, Rambam 22:22, Rosh 15:2, Tur, and S”A 302:3. From this and other halachot, the poskim explain that in general there is a Rabbinic prohibition of preparing on [[Shabbat]] for the weekday (See Orchot [[Shabbat]] vol 2, p. 400).
* In explaining the concept of Hachana, the Rambam ([[Shabbat]] 23:7) writes that cleaning dishes that one does not need to use on [[Shabbat]] is considered Metaken, whereas the Raavad argues that it is prohibited because it involves exerting effort for something that is needed during the week. Nonetheless, the [[Maggid]] Mishneh and Migdal Oz explain that the Rambam agrees with the Raavad and that his intention was that it is an issue of fixing the dishes for after [[Shabbat]]. Tzitz Eliezer 14:37 writes that this also is the opinion of Rashi.</ref> It is permitted to prepare on [[Shabbat]] for later on [[Shabbat]], and even for [[Tosefet Shabbat]] (the extension of [[Shabbat]]).<ref> Sh”t Minchat Shlomo 2:36:10 writes that there is no prohibition of preparing from [[Shabbat]] to [[Tosefet Shabbat]] because even [[Tosefet Shabbat]] is called “Yom HaShabbat HaGadol HaZeh” in Birkat Hamazon. Orchot [[Shabbat]] (vol 2, p. 408) agrees. </ref>

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