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# We are obligated to eat a festive meal with delicious foods and fancy dishes like on every other [[Yom Tov]] night, each according to his means. (Rambam 7:8, Yalkut Yosef Moadim pg. 406)
# The minhag is not to eat roasted meat at the [[seder]]. <Ref>Chazon Ovadyah (vol 2, p. 103)</ref>
# If the Zroah (shankbone) was roasted it is forbidden to eat it at the [[seder]]. However, if the Zroah was cooked it may be eaten. <Ref> Chazon Ovadyah (vol 2, p. 103). Chayei adam 130:6 says that even if one is not eating the zeroah at night it shouldn't be discarded because this would be a disgrace to the mitzva. </ref>
# It is permitted to eat a roasted egg <ref> Chazon Ovadyah (vol 2, p. 103) </ref>, as well as roasted fish. <ref> Mishna Brurah 476:9 </ref>
# Pot roast is considered like roast for this halacha. However a food that was cooked after it was roasted is considered like it was cooked. <Ref> Chazon Ovadyah (vol 2, p. 103), Mishna Brurah 476:1, Kaf Hachayim 476:4 Baer Heitev 476:1. If it is roasted after being cooked Mishna Brurah and Kaf Hachayim says that one shouldn't be lenient based on the Peri [[Chadash]] quoted by the Baer Heitev and Shaar Hatziyun 476:2, but if he is a little bit sick he can be lenient. </ref>
#Broiled liver shouldn't be eaten. <ref> Aruch Hashulchan 476:4 </ref>

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