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* Magen Avraham 444:2 when discussing what to do on erev [[pesach]] that falls out on [[shabbat]] gives several options and also quotes the Shla saying that one may fulfill seudat shlishit with divrei torah. The Rokeach 55 allows one to skip seudat shlishit to go here a shiur in the afternoon. Pri Megadim (E"A 290) disagrees and says one shouldn't miss seudat shlishit even to hear a shiur. Aruch Hashulchan 290:3 and Kaf Hachayim 290:14 agree with the Pri Megadim.</ref>
# According to Sephardim one should be careful to have two whole loaves of bread for [[Lechem Mishneh]] at Seudat Shelishit. However, according to Ashkenazim, it's preferable to have two whole loaves but it's sufficient to have just one whole loaf. <ref>S"A and Rama 291:4. S"A is based on Rambam [[Shabbat]] 30:9 and Rama based on Tosafot Yoma 79b "minei". Kitzur S"A 77:17 simply writes that one should have [[Lechem Mishneh]] for all three meals of [[Shabbat]]. </ref>
# If one only has one whole loaf of bread and a broken piece one should use the whole one for Seuda Shelishit instead of saving it for [[Melava Malka]]. <ref> Biur Beiur Halacha 291 s.v. VeLePachot </ref>
# One doesn't need to cover the loaves of bread before making [[HaMotzei]], however, it's preferable to cover them. <ref> Yalkut Yosef (Kitzur S"A 291:9) </ref>
#One should try to have fish even for seuda shlishit, except if one doesn't like fish he should not force himself. <ref> Yalkut Yosef [[Shabbat]] volume 1 page 408. Mishna Brurah 242:2 says this enhances kavod [[shabbat]].</ref>

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