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# The gemara says all who descend into Gehenna (hell) eventually leave. Except for one who publicly shames his neighbour. <ref>R. Hanina in Bava Metziah 58b</ref>
= = Atoning for Embarrassment = =
In order to achieve full repentance for sinning, one must undergo a complex process of asking for forgiveness. The steps of the process include: <ref> Rambam, Hilchot Teshuva Chapter 1</ ref>
# First acknowledging, then regretting one’s sin. # Privately confessing the transgression to God.
# Ask for absolute forgiveness from the one you offended, and from God.
Before examining the steps specific to atoning for embarrassment, we must assess whether or not it is even possible to do Teshuva:
# According to the Gemara, one embarrasses another publicly descends to Hell and never ascends<ref>Bava Metiza 58b </ref>. This seems to imply that the punishment is final with no chance for Teshuva.

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