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# The congregants should listen carefully and answer the appropriate responses with kavana. <ref>Kitzur S"A 15:5</ref>
# Anyone who answers "[[Amen]] Yehey Sheme Rabba..." with all of his strength and kavana any heavenly bad decree against him is ripped up.<ref>Kitzur S"A 15:5</ref>
# Just like of does not walk in front of one who is praying, so too one should not walk in front of someone who is reciting kaddish. <ref> Kitzur S"A of Rav Rephael Baruch Toledano, siman 12, laws of kaddish, seif 2; BI"H, Ben Ish Chai (Vayechi, 10 ) </ref># If Kaddish began while one was standing, he/she should remain standing until after answering "[[Amen]] yehe sheme raba..." <ref> BI"H, Ben Ish Chai (Vayechi, 8 ) </ref>

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