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==The Weekly Halachic Analysis==
<p style="text-indent:2em">During the winter, we pray for rain by inserting the words “VeTen Tal UMatar Livracha” in Birkat HaShanim.<ref>S”A 117:1</ref> If one forgot to say “VeTen Tal UMatar Livracha” and remembers after concluding the bracha of Mivarech HaShanim before beginning the next bracha, the Ravyah (cited by Rosh Tanit 1:1) writes that one should insert the words “VeTen Tal UMatar Levracha” right there. He reasons that this is similar to inserting the bracha of Mekadesh HaShabbat in [[Birkat HaMazon]] if one forgot Retseh and remembers right after Boneh Yerushalayim. In both cases, one makes up for a missed insertion immediately after the bracha in which it should have been said. On the other hand, the Rabbenu Yonah (cited by the Rosh [[Brachot]] 4:17) infers from the gemara that immediately upon finishing a bracha without the correct insertion one must return to the beginning of the mistaken bracha. </p>
<p style="text-indent:2em">The Shulchan Aruch and a number of achronim hold like the Ravyah.<ref>Tur and S”A 114:6, Bach s.v. Katav HaAvi Ezri, Magen Avraham 114:8, Yalkut Yosef 117:6</ref> The Biur Halacha 114 s.v. Bli Chatimah, however, finds difficulty with the Ravyah and cites some rishonim and achronim who hold like the Rabbenu Yonah.<ref>Rabbenu Yehuda HaChasid, Hagahot HaSmak, Maharshal (cited by Bach), Gra, and Kitzur Shulchan Aruch</ref> In our case, the Biur Halacha rules that one should avoid this question altogether by waiting until Shomea [[Tefillah]] to insert “VeTen Tal UMatar Levracha”.<ref> The Or Letzion 2:7:32 mitigates this by saying that if one is afraid of forgetting to insert it in Shomea [[Tefillah]] one may insert those words before starting the next bracha.</ref></p>
==Summary of the Daily Halacha's==

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