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* How long is Tosefet [[Shabbat]]? Rosh Brachot 4:6 and Tosafot Brachot 27a D”H DeRav agree that one doesn’t have to accept [[Shabbat]] from Plag Mincha (from ten and three quarter hours). Nonetheless, the Rosh 4:6 writes that certainly there is a minimum time limit but leaves it unclear as to what the limit is. Rabbenu Yonah (Brachot 18b D”H Rav) quotes Rabbi Yacov who says that there’s no minimum time and any amount suffices.
* S"A 261:2 and 608:1 rules that there's no minimum requirement of time one needs to add to [[Shabbat]] to fulfill Tosefet [[Shabbat]]. 39 Melachos (vol 1, pg 150) rules like S"A that there's no specific minimum time for Tofeset [[Shabbat]]. 39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, Hakdama LeMelachat [[Shabbat]], note 667) quotes Rav Henkin who said that in order not to violate [[Shabbat]] and in order to fulfill Tosefet [[Shabbat]] one must add a few minutes before Shekiyah refraining from Melacha and agrees with this opinion. Eretz Tzvi 70 and Iggerot Moshe 1:96 suggest that one add at least two minutes, Avnei Nezer 4:98 suggests at least four minutes, while Minchat Elazar 1:23 and Teshuvot Maharshag 38 say at least 5.
* However, the Mishna Brurah 261:22 quotes the Rosh who argues that a certain amount of time is needed. Biur Halacha s.v. Ayzo Zman posits that this period of time should be no longer than 3/4 of a mil (which is 13.5 minutes). The Mishna Brurah 261:23 concludes that in order to fulfill the mitzvah of Tofeset [[Shabbat]] (adding onto [[Shabbat]]) one should refrain from work from the time that the sun is seen at the top of the trees, or to be strict 30 or 20 minutes before Shekiyah. [Mishna Brurah (Shaar HaTzion HaTziyun 261:21) explains that by refraining from melacha 20 minutes before sunset one will have satisfied the opinion of the Yerayim to consider the mil to be 24 minutes and 3/4 of a mil is 18 minutes.] 39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 1, pg 145) writes that it's not practical to rely upon the method of determining the beginning of [[Shabbat]] by looking at when the sun hits the tree tops but rather one should rely upon times printed on calendars made by halachic experts. </ref>
# The minhag of yerushalim is to add 45 minutes to [[Shabbat]]. However, women don't need to abide by this minhag. <ref> Shemirat Shabbat KeHilchata chap 46 note 20. </ref>

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