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# Chazal viewed the recitation of [[Amen]] very highly and compared its recitation to a signature that attests to the validity of a document. In fact, Chazal tell us that responding [[Amen]] is of greater significance than reciting the Beracha. The failure to recite [[Amen]] is considered a gross transgression, while responding [[Amen]] with great concentration opens the gates of Gan Eden. <ref>Gemara [[Brachot]] 53b, Chaye Adam (Klal 6:1), Gemara [[Shabbat]] 119b, Rashi [[Shabbat]] 119b s.v. BeChol</ref>
# The letters of [[Amen]] are the root letters of the word אמונה, belief or trust. By responding [[Amen]] one declares: "I believe in the blessing that I have just heard and I affirm its truth." Additionally, when responding [[Amen]] one should have in mind the beginning of the Bracha, "Baruch Atta Hashem", that Hahshem's name is Blessed. Thus, for example, when responding [[Amen]] after "Magen Avraham", one should have in mind, "The Name of Hashem should be blessed, and it is true that He shielded our forefather Avraham, and I believe it". <ref>Shulchan Aruch 124:6, Mishna Brurah 124:24</ref>

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