Rabbenu Tam Tefillin

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Arrangement of Paragraphs

  1. There is much discussion among the rishonim (early authorities) about the order in which the biblical passages should be written in the arm and head Tefillin. The rabbis most famous for this dispute were Rashi and his grandson Rabbenu Tam. Rashi held that the order is: Kadesh Li (Shemot 13:1-10), VeHaya Ki Yeviehcha (Shemot 13:11-16), Shema (Devarim 6:4-9), VeHaya Im Shemoa (Devarim 11:13-21). Rabbenu Tam held that the last two passages were switched (thus making the following order Kadesh Li, VeHaya Ki Yeviehcha, VeHaya Im Shemoa, Shema). The custom of the world is to follow Rashi's opinion. [1]
  2. However, pious individuals have the practice of wearing both Tefillin of Rashi and Rabbenu Tam, with no bracha when putting on the Rabbenu Tam. [2]
  3. Unmarried individuals should not wear Tefillin of Rabbenu Tam unless they know that they are capable of having pure thoughts for as long as they are wearing Tefillin. [3]
  4. If one mistakenly put on Rabbenu Tam first, some poskim say to recite a bracha when putting on the Rashi Tefillin. [4]

Wearing Rabbenu Tam Tefillin

  1. The ShAr states that only someone who is established and known as a pious individual should wear Rabbenu Tam Tefillin. The Magen Avraham states that since so many people wear Rabbenu Tam Tefillin nowadays there is no more issue of haughtiness and anyone that wants to, can wear them. [5] Rav Rephael Baruch Toledano states that those who fear heaven don the tefillin of both Rashi and Rabbenu Tam. [6]
  2. The Rashi and Rabbenu Tam Tefillin should be placed in separate bags. [7]


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