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  1. Rav Aharon HaLevi, known as the Ra'ah, was the grandson of Baal HaMaor[1] a Talmid of the Ramban, and teacher of the Ritva. His brother was Rav Pinchas HaLevi, and he authored Pekudat HaLeviim on Ketubot, Berachot, Sukkah, and Taanit, as well as the Bedek HaBayit on the Rashba's Torat HaBayit.[2]
  2. For centuries, it was believed by many that the Ra'ah authored Sefer HaChinuch, as the latter was written by a Talmid of the Ramban who is a Levi.[3] Later Acharonim determined that might not be the case, because their rulings are sometimes contradictory.[4]
  3. The Ra'ah's Bedek HaBayit on the Rashba's Torat HaBayit was not available to the Shulchan Aruch.[5]


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