Proper Conduct of a Meal

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Saying Divrei Torat at the meal

  1. There's an obligation to say Divrei Torah at every meal. [1]
  2. Some say that saying "Mayim Achronim Chovah" counts as divrei torah at the meal. [2]
  3. There's a minority opinion that one fulfills one's obligation by benching. [3]

Other laws of proper conduct of a meal

  1. It’s forbidden to take in one’s hand a piece of food the size of a KeBeitzah. [4] However, many are lenient to permit holding a large piece of bread if that’s the way it’s normally eaten such as pizza, pita, or a sandwich. [5]


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  3. Rav Ovadyah MeBartenura on Avot 3:3 writes that one fulfills this obligation by saying Birkat HaMazon. Rivovot Efraim 1:134 argues and does not accept this as halacha. Anaf Etz Avot (Rav Ovadyah Yosef, 3:3, pg 176) defends the Bartenuro from the question of the Tosfot Yom Tov (who asked why would the mishna be dealing with Reshayim who don't say Birkat HaMazon). [However, Anaf Etz Avot isn't one of Rav Ovadyah's halachic works and this may be just what he would suggest in learning.]
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