Month of Nissan

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Preparing for Pesach

  1. One should begin to ask and discuss the Halachot of Pesach thirty days beforehand including Purim day. [1]

Tachanun, Fasting, and eulogies

  1. There’s no Tachanun, no fasts, or eulogies during the month of Nissan. [2]
  2. One shouldn’t fast for a Yehetzeit during the month of Nissan. [3]
  3. A bride and groom the day of their wedding may fast during Nissan even on Rosh Chodesh Nissan. [4]
  4. It’s permissible to fast a Tanit Chalom, a fast made to rectify a bad dream, during Nissan. [5]

Maot Chitim

  1. It’s proper to give Maot Chitim, charity to the poor in order that they have money for Matzah on Pesach. [6]
  2. It’s permissible to give Maot Chitim from money of Maaser Kesafim, a tith of one’s money. [7]

Parshat HaNesiyim

  1. It’s proper to read the פרשה of the Nisiyim on the first twelve days of Nissan and on the thirteenth to read Parshat BaHalotcha until Ken Assa Et HaMenorah. [8]

Birkat Ilanot

See the Birkat Ilanot page.


  1. S”A 429:1 writes that 30 days before Pesach we begin to ask and discuss the holiday of Pesach. Mishna Brurah 429:2 writes that it begins on Purim and it’s an obligation upon each individual to learn the Halachot of Pesach in this time.
  2. S”A 429:2. Mishna Brurah 429:9 adds that the minhag Ashkenaz was for even individuals not to fast during Nissan.
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