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The Mishnah in Masechet Shabbat (73a) lists memachaik as one of the 39 Avot Melachot.


  1. The melacha of memachek is defined as removing the roughness of a surface by smoothing or scraping after tanning. For example, scraping hairs off a piece of leather [1] or using sandpaper to smooth wood [2]

In the Mishkan

  1. In the mishkan, memachaik was performed to smooth the ram’s hides by removing the hairs as part of the processing of the leather [3]



  1. One of the toladot of this melacha is mimareach-smoothing not by eliminating surface, but by spreading something over the surface. [4]
  2. Mimareach doesn't apply in a case that the substance being spread is absorbed. [5] According to some poskim it doesn't apply if it will be washed away immediately[6]

Practical Issues

Cleaning Under One's Nails

  1. Some say that it is forbidden to scrap away the dirt under one's fingernails on Shabbat because of memachaik as it smoothes out the nail.[7] Others are lenient as long as one doesn't scratch the actual nail.[8]


  1. It is permitted to smear something over a piece of bread, such as butter onto bread. [9]

Cleaning Shoes

  1. One should not use a knife to scrape the mud off of leather shoes since you will inevitably smooth the leather. [10]

Brushing Teeth

See Brushing Teeth on Shabbat


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