Meat and Dairy

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  1. If one uses a microwave for meat and for dairy (at different times), some authorities hold that one should preferably double wrap all foods[1], however, some authorities hold that covering it well with one covering is sufficient. Some also advise using different trays one should dairy and one for meat. [2]


  1. The OU quotes Rav Yisrael Belsky who says that preferably one should double wrap food put in a microwave if it's used for meat and dairy (at different times).
  2. Yalkut Yosef (Isser Veheter, vol 3, pg 167) rules that if the microwave works only on radiation (without a heater) one should make sure to cover all food very well and then it would be permissible to use it for meat and dairy one after another. THis is also the opinion of Rabbi Mansour at Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz writes that one covering should suffice to inhibit the splattering of food and steam from being released, however, he adds that it is advisable to use separate plates for dairy than for meat.