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# It’s preferable to make a Birkat Hamazon over a cup of wine when making a Zimmun of three. <Ref>S”A 182:1, Mishna Brurah 182:4 </ref>
#REDIRECT [[Birkat HaMazon#Making Birkat HaMazon over wine]]
# However, if one doesn’t have wine in the house one may use Chamer Medina (a drink which is drunk in the country but isn’t water). <Ref>Mishna Brurah 182:14 </ref>
# If one drank from the cup of wine the cup is considered tainted and unfit for making on it Birkat Hamazon until one fixes it by filling it up with wine or water. <Ref>S”S 182:3 and 182:6</ref>

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