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Halacha Meets Wiki

Welcome to!

Our mission is to create the most comprehensive resource of Halachik information online, for free, and easily accessible to all. Join yeshiva students across Israel and America in this tremendous undertaking. With support from people like you, we can create an encyclopedic resource to benefit millions of Jews. We would greatly appreciate any contribution - whether it be a large topic or a small footnote - as Jews, we all have a unique chailek of Torah we must share with others. Feel free to add whatever you know and others will fill in the gaps, "It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task, but neither are you free to absolve yourself from it" (Pirkei Avot 2:16).

At this point, we are currently in the building phase of the site. In terms of content, please stick to pure halacha. This is NOT the forum for hot topics in Judaism. Moreover, although all Torah is greatly treasured - this site is not intended for divrei Torah on the parsha, hashkafa, or machshava. Lastly, as the content is only as stong as its references, please try to source all information (gemara, rishonim, shulchan aruch and mishna brura and achronim).

At the present time anyone who is interested in helping is welcome to make an account and contribute freely. However, beware that one's work will be checked and one should not dare to misrepresent the truth because it's possible that one's mistake intentionally or unitentionally will mislead an innocent Jew. That said, if one is truly motivated to help spread Torah and does it with a fear of Hashem, BeEzrat Hashem one should only see success and no mistake should come to your hand.

FYI: This is for absolutely zero financial profit - L’Hagdil Torah

Caution: This site is meant as a resource and is la-halakhah ve-lo le-ma'aseh. Consult your Rabbi before following any practices advocated here.

Important Announcements

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How To Add Content:
  • For the first contribution you will need to email content to
  • We will verify the information and post it on your behalf
  • At that point your account will be upgraded for permission to contribute freely
  • We greatly appreciate your patience in this process.

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