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  1. Rav Yaakov Castro, also known as Maharikash, was the chief rabbi of Egypt, a student of Radbaz, and met Rav Yosef Karo.
  2. Even though the Radbaz himself testifies numerous times to the allegiance of the Egyptian community in particular and Sephardi world at large to the Rambam, the Minhag in Mitzrayim was to follow the Radbaz and Maharikash, even when their rulings were against the Rambam's.[1]
  3. In parallel but without seeing the Rama's glosses, Maharikash wrote his own glosses on Shulchan Aruch known as "Erech Lechem." Most of Maharikash's hearot of the halachot found in the Beit Yosef, Bedek HaBayit, and Kesef Mishneh, as well as his own decisions to side with Tosafot, the Mordechai, and other such Rishonim. There is some debate if he wrote them before or concurrently with his responsa. [2]

Further Reading

  • Sefunot, vol. 2, page 89 - article by R' Yitzchak Nissim on Maharikash.


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