Lag BaOmer

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  1. On the day of Lag BeOmer we increase in celebration a little. Some of the reasons include: it’s to remember that on Lag BaOmer the students of Rabbi Akiva stopped dying, [1] it’s the day of the Hilulah (anniversary of the passing) of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai,[2] it’s the day that Rabbi Akiva gave Semicha to his new students [3], and to remember the Maan which began to fall on this day. [4]
  2. Tachanun is omitted on Lag BaOmer. It is also omitted at Mincha of the day before Lag BaOmer. [5]
  3. If Lag BaOmer falls out on Sunday then there’s no Tzidkatcha at Mincha of Shabbat. [6]
  4. One shouldn’t fast on Lag BeOmer. [7] However, if one’s wedding is that day one may fast on Lag BaOmer. [8]
  5. Music and dancing are permitted. [9]
  6. Some Gedolim were very opposed to burning clothing because of Baal Tashchit (prohibition of wasting), while others defend the minhag. [10]
  7. Kohanim shouldn’t go into the Kever of Rashbi on Meyron. [11]
  8. Ashkenazim may cut their hair on the morning of Lag BaOmer. [12] while some are lenient to permit it from the night of Lag BaOmer. [13]Sephardim shouldn’t cut their hair until the morning of the 34th of the Omer. [14]
  9. According to Ashkenazim, if Lag BaOmer falls out on Sunday then it’s permissible to cut one’s hair on Friday for kavod Shabbat. [15] Some say it’s preferable to do so after Chatzot (halachic midday). [16]


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