Interruptions to a Bracha

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When is a new Bracha Rishona required?

  1. As long as one didn’t have a interruption in one's train of thought (Hesech Hadaat), which will be clarified below, one doesn’t need to make a new Bracha Rishona. However, if one made a Bracha Achrona, and one wants to eat again a new Bracha Rishona is needed. [1]
  2. If one if planning on having coffee or tea for a length of time as one sits and learns, one Shehakol covers all the cups one drinks even there’s a long break between cups. [2]
  3. If one made a Bracha Rishona and waited 72 minutes one doesn’t need to make another Bracha Rishona. [3]
  4. If one made a Bracha Achrona only because one was afraid that Shuir Ikul would pass and one has intent to continue eating afterwards, one doesn’t need a new Bracha Rishona when one continues to eat. [4]
  5. According to Sephardim, one who went to the bathroom while eating fruit when one returns one should make a new Bracha on the fruit. [5]

Interruption of a meal

  1. If one Davened in middle of a meal it’s not considered an interruption. [6]
  2. Sleeping in middle of a meal isn’t considered an interruption except that one needs to wash Netilat Yadayim. [7]
  3. During a meal, if one touches areas of one's body which are supposed to be covered, one should wash Netilat Yadayim without a Bracha. [8]
  4. Someone who went to the bathroom during a meal isn’t considered an interruption rather one should just make Netilat Yadayim and Asher Yatzer afterwards. [9]
  5. If one said Shir HaMaalot it is not considered an interruption of the meal. [10]


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