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The Navi says "If you refrain from trampling the Shabbat from pursuing your affairs on my holy day".[1] One should refrain from doing mundane activities on Shabbat,and conduct oneself in a dignified manner, as Shabbat was given as a day of rest to focus on spirituality and not the mundane.[2]


One must conduct himself in an appropriate manner on Shabbat, therefore, one's speech should be exclusively reserved for the discussion of spiritual topics. As well one's actions must be refined on Shabbat. For example, one shouldn't run bike and do vigorous activity on Shabbat. Even if the action which one is doing is not in direct violation of Shabbat however many times in may not be in the spirit of Shabbat.

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  1. Isaiah 58:13
  2. In the introduction to masechet shabbat the Tiferet Yisrael provides three explanations as to why Uvda Dchol is assur
    1. Any action which is similar to the 39 melachot is uvda dchol
    2. Something which may lead to a melacha
    3. Something which is a tircha yetira.
    Tosfot Shabbat 143a s.v. chavit seems to imply that there is an inherent issur. Igrot Moshe OC 4:74 anything which during the week is done for a long duration of time even if now it is being done temporarily is uvda dchol.