Halachot of Brushing One's Teeth

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  1. It is proper to rinse out one's mouth in the morning so that it is clean in order to pray and praise Hashem [1]
  2. If one does not have water or the water is not clean, this rinsing isn't necessary and one should pray nonetheless.[2]
  3. On a fast day, one may not rinse out one's mouth with water.[3]


  1. See the Brushing Teeth on Shabbat for the halachos of brushing teeth on Shabbat.


  1. Some poskim recommend to only use toothpaste with a hechsher, while others aren't concerned.[4]


  1. Shulchan Arukh Orach Chayim 4:17 writes that some have the practice of cleaning out their mouths in the morning. Kaf Hachaim 4:59, explains that this is done so that one can have a clean mouth for mentioning Hashem's name (in prayer).
  2. Kaf HaChaim 4:59, Mishna Brurah 4:37
  3. Kaf HaChaim 4:59
  4. OU article writes that because modern tooth pastes are tasty they aren't considered pagum and they're a problem if they have non-kosher ingredients. See there for details.