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Do not be discouraged by the breadth and length of Halacha

  1. Even though Halacha can be enormous it's important not to lose sight of the goal. A person must be familiar with the basic laws that are relevant every day, for example brachot, prayer, and Shabbat. If one does not know the basics in these areas it is impossible to endeavor to keep halacha by merely watching others or guessing based on instinct. It is highly advisable to find a simple book that outlines Halacha (or this website) and set-up a schedule of study to allow one to study on a regular basis.

Your question may not be the same as the general Halacha

  1. The purpose of this website is definitely not a replacement for asking questions to your local rabbi. The website is supposed to provide the English-speaking Jewish community with summaries of relevant halachot. Clearly, the site does not always provide answers to your specific question and for that it is important to either learn the halachot properly from the sources or to ask you local rabbi. Often, a single differentiating factor may apply in your case that can change the halacha from permitted to forbidden or vice-versa.

We do not decide the Halacha in cases where there is a major dispute in contemporary authorities

  1. There are a plethora of Halachot that have major disputes between the contemporary authorities. It is crucial to note that it is not the place of this site to arbitrate between two major poskim or gedolei hador. Therefore, in the event of dispute it is important to either consult your local rabbi, or to choose one opinion and consistently follow that opinion. It is certainly improper to simply choose to be lenient or stringent in every dispute because of lack of knowledge. Rather, one must appoint for oneself and one's family a rabbi, whether it is a local one or a book that one can consult and adhere without fail.