Hadlakat Nerot of Yom Tov

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Many of the laws of lighting candles on Yom Tov are the same as for Shabbat. So this page is primarily for the halachot specific to candle lighting on Yom Tov. For the halachot that apply to lighting candles on Shabbat, see the Shabbat Candles page.


  1. It is preferable to light candles before Yom Tov rather than on Yom Tov.[1]


  1. One should make a Bracha of LeHadlik Ner Shel Yom Tov with Shem Umalchut for the lighting of the candles of Yom Tov.[2]
  2. Many poskim advise that the women not say Shehechiyanu at the time of lighting candles, but rather to wait to hear it during the Kiddush.[3]
  3. The accepted minhag is that a women say the brachot of hadlakat nerot prior to lighting candles of Yom Tov.[4]