Going to and Staying in the Hospital on Shabbat

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See Giving Birth on Shabbat for many related issues.

Halachic Checklist of What to Pack and Prepare

See Giving_Birth_on_Shabbat#Preparation_for_the_Hospital

Hadlakat Neirot in the Hospital

  1. One could light with electric candles. See Hadlakat Neirot page.

Food Heated up on Shabbat

  1. A non-Jew may heat up food for a sick person on Shabbat. However, a healthy person can not partake of that food. See the Amirah Lnochri page for more details.
  2. In many hospitals there is a hospitality room. For example, in the NY area there are hospitality rooms that Chesed 24/7 stocks with kosher food.

Kiddush in the Hospital

  1. If a person doesn't have a metal or special kiddush cup, one could use a disposable cup for Kiddush. See Kiddush page.
  2. If a person doesn't have grape juice or wine at all, he could recite kiddush over the challah for Friday night.

Havdalah in the Hospital

  1. A person can not recite Havdalah over an electric light. See Havdalah page.
  2. If a person can't get a flame for Havdalah, one should nonetheless recite Havdalah without that bracha.

Signing Papers in the Hospital

  1. Unless there is a pikuach nefesh reason one may not sign papers in a hospital on Shabbat, rather one should wait until after Shabbat.

Leaving the Hospital on Shabbat

  1. Is wearing the hospital band considered carrying? Listen to R' Shraga Kallus