Eating in the Sukkah

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This is an outline and needs to be filled in ==Who is obligated to eat in the Sukkah?== (siman 625) (siman 639)

  1. Women
  2. Children
  3. Sick people

Which foods must one eat in the Sukkah?

  1. bread
  2. mezonot- Ashkenazim vs sephardim
  3. For what foods should one make the Bracha of LeShev BaSukkah?

Which foods can one eat out of the Sukkah?

  1. fruits, drinks…

If it’s raining

  1. no obligation

==First night of sukkot==(siman 643)

  1. Waiting to do kiddish at nighttime
  2. One should wait to do Kiddish until after Tzet HaCochavim. However, after the fact if one made Kiddish during Ben HaShemashot and ate a Kezayit of bread one should make sure to have another Kezayit after Tzet HaCochavim but one doesn’t need to make another Bracha of LeShev BaSukkah. [1]
  3. If it rains the first night of Sukkot, according to Sephardim, one is exempt from the Sukkah and one should eat in the house. However, if one wants to be strict one may wait a little bit for the rain to stop but one should not wait too long which would cause oneself pain on Yom Tov. If after eating the house the rains stops then if it’s before Chatzot (halachic midnight) one should go into the Sukkah to eat one Kezayit of bread and make Leshev BaSukkah and if it’s after Chatzot one shouldn’t make the Bracha of Leshev unless one eats a KeBaytzah of bread. [2]


  1. Rama 639:3 writes that one make sure not to eat until nighttime. Mishna Brurah 639:25 explains that this is based on the connection between Pesach and Sukkot and by Matzah one may only eat at night as it says in the פסוק. Mishna Brurah continues that after the fact if one ate one should eat another kezayit but not make another LeShev BaSukkah because of Safek Brachot LeHakel. Natai Gavriel (Sukkot 38:12) extends the Rama to not even making Kiddish before nighttime. Yalkut Yosef (Moadim pg 138) agrees with the above halachot.
  2. Yalkut Yosef (Moadim pg 140), Chazon Ovadyah (Sukkot pg 122)