Eating Breakfast

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Eating breakfast

  1. Preferably, one should eat a breakfast with some bread (a size of a KeBetzah) and water to give one strength to serve Hashem. [1]
  2. Many say that it's sufficient to eat a filling food even if it's not bread. [2] Likewise, one may have Mezonot in place of bread for breakfast. [3]
  3. Ideally, one should learn a little after Davening before eating Breakfast. However, If one regularly eats breakfast after prayers before going to the Bet Midrash, one may do so.
  4. One shouldn't eat before feeding his animals [4], but one may drink before watering them [5]


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  3. Pri Megadim (M"Z 155:1), Sh"t Rivevot Ephraim 3:590 (21 and 35), and Rabbi Yisrael Belsky quoted in Halachically Speaking. Although the Kaf HaChaim 155:23-4 writes that one may fulfill Pat Shacharit with Pat Haba Bekisnin, he adds in that a cooked Mezonot food (Tavshil Mezonot) doesn't fit the requirements of Pat Shacharit. Or Letzion 2:10(6) agrees.
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  5. M.B. 167:40, in the name of Sefer Chassidim, because Rivkah says to Eliezer: "שתה וגם גמליך אשקה" (drink and I will water your camels), putting Eliezer before his camels.